Bruder Krampe Halfpipe Tipping Trailer


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The Bruder Krampe Tandem-Halfpipe Tipping Trailer is the perfect accessory for when the residents of your miniature world need to move soil or goods from one place to another. It will work well in areas where it is boggy and muddy, being more stable than a large lorry.

This sturdy trailer will keep the contents centred and even, with an opening tailgate that will effortlessly release the load at the desired location.

  • Suitable for ages 3 years old and over
  • Great for playing indoors or outside
  • Sturdy construction
  • Keeps the contents level
  • Tread tyres
  • Opening tailgate
  • Folding stabiliser
  • Multi-step ratchet
  • Dimensions – 49 x 18.8 x 21.2cm