Bruder Land Rover Defender Station Wagon Forestry


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n order to keep the forest healthy and regulate the population of trees and wild animals, the work of a forester is never done. He is committed to sustainable forest management in harmony with nature. Today, the forester is out and about in the forest to see if everything is going well. His Land Rover Defender is ideal for any terrain and is a reliable vehicle for off-road trips. Unique details such as a bonnet that opens, a removable rear seat bench and a steerable front axle keep the fun going.

A dog box, in which the shepherd dog has a safe place while driving, is also included in this great playset.

  • Forester with extensive equipment (binoculars, rifle and hunting knife)
  • Unbreakable plastic car windows
  • Doors and bonnet can be opened
  • Suspended front (steerable) and rear axles
  • Spare wheel on the tailgate