Bruder MB Arocs Cement Mixer Truck


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Power, durability and efficiency often represent crucial elements on a working day on roads and construction sites. This is why the new Mercedes-Benz Arocs has been specially developed for these needs. The design has also been revised to match these technical features. For example, the front of the radiator grille is designed in the typical Arocs look, which reflects its enormous power. With this model we focussed intensively on the durability that characterises BRUDER products and equipped the cab with an opening door to give BRUDER toy figures access to the vehicle. The drum of the truck mixer can be turned by a hand crank in the water tank that folds out (drum with spiral conveyor and mixer). Just like the original, the drum is emptied by reversing its direction of rotation. The spiral on the inside of the drum delivers the load to the discharge chute at the rear. Includes two plug-in drain chutes.

  • Folding outside mirror
  • Doors can be opened
  • 2 attachable run-out plates
  • Turning mixing barrel
  • Recommended age: suitable from 4 years upwards for playing indoors and outdoors
  • Manufactured from high-quality plastics such as ABS
  • Made by Bruder
  • Scale 1:16
  • Size 58.0 cm × 18.5 cm × 27.0 cm