Ecoiffier 70 Piece Chef Dinner Set


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  • TO HAVE EVERYTHING ON YOUR HAND – This complete dinner set contains many food grade plastic accessories that allow little ones to have everything needed to cook as well as the old ones.
  • A complete set: This set includes plates, cups, glasses and cutlery for 4 people as well as pots, casserole dishes, 1 saucepan, 1 mixer and food for cooking.
  • Space for small cookers: Ecoiffier toys offers children faithful reproductions of adult cooking utensils and cooking appliances to make cooking like chefs.
  • PLAY FOR GROWING UP BETTER: It’s by imitating adults and manipulating different toys, that children learn to understand the world around them, become more skillful and more self-contained in everyday life.
  • Ages 18months +