Siku 1:32 John Deere 8R 410 on dual Wheels


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  • Detailed toy model of a John Deere 8R 410 for playing and collecting, for small and large agricultural fans,
  • , robust design thanks to metal body, rubberised double tyres, removable front weight and cabin, folding mirror, movable steering wheel, front and rear coupling for combining with agricultural machines,
  • 232023 long-lasting fun. thanks to countless combinations. Possibilities within the Siku Farmer model world
  • . Ideal as a gift for children for example. Birthdays or for in between, but also as decoration for adult birthdays or wedding gifts.
  • . Box contents: 1x siku 3292, John Deere 8R 410 with double tyres, scale: 1:32, material: metal/plastic, dimensions: 20.3 x 15.5 x 11.3 cm, weight: 0.906 kg. Colour: green, series: SI. Ku Farmer