Siku 1:87 Construction Gift Set


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Caution! Construction site ahead! With this road construction set, nothing can now stop the rebuilding of the play street, because the set contains all the vehicles needed for successful deployment on the construction site. The grey tipper trailer simply transports construction materials to and fro, and has a tilting tipper. It’s child’s play for the Liebherr wheeled loader with movable loading arm and shovel to load rubble or construction material, and on its rubberised wheels it always dashes exactly where it is needed most. The road roller ensures that all materials are spread very exactly. Thanks to a rotating roller and its strong metal body, that job gets done really quickly. The set also includes grey granules, which are perfect for loading into the tipper trailer using the wheeled loader. As a trio, these construction vehicles are a must for anyone who has to have a fleet for the building site. Because one thing is clear: If there are lots of siku vehicles out on the road, there’s always lots of work for the road building team!